4 Things to Know Before Renting a UTV

A utility terrain vehicle (UTV) is the most sought-after vehicle for off-roaders. However, if you intend to rent one for your off-roading adventures, there are some basic things you should be aware of. Let’s consider a few of the important considerations to ensure you have an unforgettable UTV ride experience when you rent a UTV from Mountain Life UTV Rentals. Continue reading to learn more, and contact our team today with any questions!

How to Drive A UTV

Driving a UTV is very similar to driving an automatic transmission car. There is a steering wheel and two pedals with no stick. Also, unlike an ATV where weight placement is an important consideration, weight distribution doesn’t matter as much when driving a UTV. Basically, if you have some driving experience with any other type of vehicle, you should be able to handle a UTV with ease. However, it would make sense to get familiar with the steering, throttle, and braking system of the vehicle before you head out with it.

Is Off-Roading An Option?

Before setting out in a UTV, you should confirm from the renter if the terms of your rental includes using the vehicle for off-roading. This is the case in most instances, but it is always good to ask questions and know what’s allowed and what isn’t for that particular rental.

How Long You Want to Rent the UTV

The duration of your rental is an important part of any rental agreement. In most cases, the duration will also determine how much you have to pay to rent the UTV. Ask questions about the trail you intend to traverse, and how long it will take to cover the distance.

How to Stay Safe in a UTV

Before you begin your ride, you should get familiar with the UTV you intend to ride. Sit in the vehicle, and try to get a feel of it. You should also get familiar with the pedals, emergency switches, and how to speed or slow down if you need to. Some renters will also allow you to practice with the vehicle in a safe location before you head out to the trails. Some additional safety considerations before driving an UTV include:

  • Always wear the right protective gear, and don’t take them off unless you have disembarked from the vehicle.

  • Always have the map of the trails with you, and don’t go off designated roads.

  • Don’t go on trails alone.

  • Always have the appropriate number of people in the vehicle.

  • Keep your hands and legs in the vehicle at all times.

Enjoy A Smoky Mountain Adventure With Mountain Life UTV Rentals

Mountain Life UTV Rentals in Gatlinburg is ready to help you explore the Smoky Mountains in the funnest way imaginable while also making sure that you’re safe! We love this beautiful place that we are lucky enough to call home and we know that you will too! Make sure that you ask us about the best places for you to drive since we know of all of the hidden secrets of the area. If you would like any more information about our vehicles or are ready to book one of our UTVs, then be sure to contact us today!