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Staying Safe on Your UTV

Are you ready for an adventure that you won’t soon forget? Here at Mountain Life UTV Rentals in Gatlinburg, we have a wide selection of UTV’s for you to choose from and can provide you with detailed maps to help you get around and see the best sites that the Great Smoky Mountains have to offer. While we want you to have a blast, we also want to make sure that you are being safe while cruising around. In this blog post, we will provide you with a few safety tips that you should follow after renting one of our vehicles. If you have any questions for us or would like to find out more about our UTVs, then please feel free to give us a call today!


When it comes to driving your UTV around, you need to remember that there are rules that need to be followed. Just like when you are driving your car, you need to remember to follow proper driving etiquette to ensure that you are safe on the roads. When driving on the approved trails (remember that there is no off-roading), be sure to stay alert to what is going on around you and where the other drivers might be. You are always going to want to yield to descending traffic since those vehicles might have a hard time stopping after they see you approaching. Make sure to never stop in the middle of the trail/road, or stop at a corner or on a hill. As long as you stay observant, it will not be difficult to stay safe out there.


While this should be obvious, it doesn’t hurt to remind you. NEVER drink and drive. This will inhibit your situational awareness and your reaction times which makes it incredibly dangerous not only for you but for anybody around you. If you do plan on having a beer or two when exploring Gatlinburg, make sure that one member of your group refrains from drinking and is able to take over the driving duties.


Your side-by-side has signals for a reason! Make sure that when you are driving around that when you are taking a turn you use the proper signals. This will ensure that those driving around you are aware of your intentions and will not try and overtake you and that they have plenty of time to hit the brakes when you are turning.



We know that you want everyone to join you for the adventure, but that doesn’t mean that you should see how many people you can fit in the UTV. Make sure that you don’t overfill your vehicle and have the amount of people that the vehicle is meant to have. The good news is that we have a variety of side-by-sides for you to choose from. Whether you are just taking a special someone to go explore with you or bringing the entire family, we have a vehicle rental for you. From two-seaters to six, just let us know how many people will be joining you!


While we understand that you want the kiddos to have the best time of their life, this does not mean that you should allow them to take the wheel. Children experience a majority of the injuries that happen involving UTVs, so you need to be extra mindful when you have young ones in your group. Don’t worry though, they don’t need to drive the side-by-side to have a good time. They won’t be able to wipe the smile from their face as you drive around Gatlinburg. Just make sure that they remain in their seat with their seatbelts securely fashioned.


You might get the urge to put your hands out of the vehicle and pretend like you are flying, but we ask you to resist this temptation. Not only will the tires be kicking up mud and rocks that could hit your arms or legs, but you could also end up pinning yourself against a tree or worse. In these open vehicles, we promise that you will get more than enough air flowing through the vehicle. Make sure that your passengers are also keeping their limbs inside of the UTV.

Mountain Life UTV Rentals in Gatlinburg is ready to help you explore the Smoky Mountains in the most fun way imaginable while also making sure that you are safe! We love this beautiful place that we are lucky enough to call home and we know that you will too! Make sure that you ask us about the best places for you to drive to since we know of all of the hidden secrets that others are unaware of. If you would like any more information about our vehicles or you are ready to book a UTV, then be sure to contact us today!