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Why Rent a UTV?

The sun is shining brightly over the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains, the wildlife is bountiful, and kids are out celebrating the fact that they don’t have any more homework to labor over. It’s summertime! Now, we know how it goes — every summer you tell yourself you’re going to get the family out more. Go on some hikes, camp more often, turn the TV off and enjoy the great outdoors. Yet, year after year, when the summer has come to an end, you regret not doing more. Well, not this year! This summer you’re going to switch things up and go on some adventures. Here at Mountain Life, we’ve got the perfect activity to kick off the season!

We are proud to offer our customers the best UTV rentals in Gatlinburg. With a wide selection of side-by-sides, all in perfect shape and clean, we guarantee that we have the perfect ride for you to get out and explore. Whether you want to bring the kids, friends, or just enjoy some time cruising around, you will have no regrets about your decision. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a few reasons why you need to rent a UTV this summer. If you have any questions or are ready to go, then give us a call today!


As opposed to ATVs, which only allows up to two riders max, our UTVs can fit up to six people. This is why they are commonly referred to as side-by-sides because you are literally sitting beside your friend or loved one. This makes this ideal for family outings or getting out with a group of friends. What’s better than that? Well, we’ll tell you. We’re big fans of animals here at Mountain Life, so unlike some of our competitors, we allow dogs to go on the ride as well. In fact, we encourage it! We’d love to meet your furry friend and riding around in a UTV is ten times better than just sticking their head out the window of your car.



When you’re cruising around Gatlinburg in one of our UTV rentals, you can just feel the power beneath you. These babies really go! And while it is quite the rush, you will be able to assure your timid passenger that although it might feel dangerous (in the best way possible), it’s totally safe! UTVs were built to protect its passengers, with a roll cage and built around a tube frame with a low center of gravity.


While exploring the Great Smoky Mountains, you want to see it all! Due to the open viewing design of our vehicles, you get a 360-degree view of your surroundings. Meaning you won’t miss that deer scurry through the trees or not be able to see that breathtaking waterfall in its entirety without awkwardly sticking your head out of your car’s window or having to stop and get out of the car.

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Now, we have nothing against ATVs, heck, we like to ride them too! But the truth of it is that after a couple of hours cruising around on one, you can rest assured that you’ll be feeling it in your back the following day. UTVs are equipped with bucket seats that keep you comfortable, and the suspension is made to handle the most extreme terrain, so even bumps won’t be tossing you around like a ragdoll.


The main reason that you should head on out to Mountain Life and rent a UTV is, well, because it is so dang fun. No matter what age you are or where you’re from, we promise that it will be nearly impossible to wipe the ear-to-ear smile from your face, even if you tried. There is no better way to explore this beautiful area than in one of our side-by-side rentals, and you can count on it being an unforgettable experience for your

Rent A UTV


So, are you still thinking about why you should rent a UTV? Well, we’ve got one question for you — why not? Life is too short not to go on adventures and explore the great outdoors, and we’re giving you a great opportunity to really make the most out of your time on this big rock. Not only will you have a great time, but you’ll see parts of the Great Smoky Mountains that you haven’t before. This goes for visitors and locals alike.

Our staff has in-depth knowledge of the area, and we can direct you on a road to some magnificent sights. We even know of a place that will make for the best picnic spot you have ever seen in your life. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to really make the most out of your summer, get out of the house, and go on an adventure. We’re proud to say that we received the TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence for 2017 and 2018 and we’re gunning for the threepeat! So you know that you can trust us for safe, high-quality, well-maintained, and clean vehicles that will take you to where you want to go, even if you didn’t know where you were going at the start. Our entire staff is dedicated to your satisfaction and ensuring that you have one of the best times of your life. Contact us today if you would like more information about our UTV rentals or, if you’re ready, book online now!