Are you ready to explore the Great Smoky Mountains and have an adventure at the same time? Mountain Life UTV Rentals offers a wide range of UTV rentals in Gatlinburg. Choose between two, four, and six-seat models and take your friends or family out to explore. We make sure that all of our vehicles are maintained and clean, and can provide you with directions to the best spots to visit. Book now and continue following our blog to learn more about our UTV rentals and the areas that you can explore and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

  1. Family Enjoying a UTV

    Getting Out On a UTV

    As you all know, especially if you live in Tennessee, the last few months have been nothing short of crazy. From the tornado that blew through causing devastation, to the spread of an illness, we have never seen anything like this. Yet, watching neighbors and communities work together, we have been …Read More

  2. Family Exploring the Woods of Gatlinburg

    Staying Safe on Your UTV

    Are you ready for an adventure that you won’t soon forget? Here at Mountain Life UTV Rentals in Gatlinburg, we have a wide selection of UTV’s for you to choose from and can provide you with detailed maps to help you get around and see the best sites that the Great Smoky Mountains have to offer. …Read More

  3. Gatlinburg Mountains in Fall

    Exploring Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains

    Here at Mountain Life UTV Rentals, we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to call Gatlinburg home. Not only are we blessed to have the Great Smoky Mountains right in our backyard, but we also have nearly unlimited activities for us and our families to enjoy, no matter the time of year. If you’re p…Read More

  4. Family Enjoying a UTV

    Why Rent a UTV?

    The sun is shining brightly over the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains, the wildlife is bountiful, and kids are out celebrating the fact that they don’t have any more homework to labor over. It’s summertime! Now, we know how it goes — every summer you tell yourself you’re going to get the fami…Read More

  5. Green and Red UTVs

    Welcome to Mountain Life UTV Rentals

    For anyone who has visited the Great Smoky Mountains, you know that it is unlike any other place in the world. Within the looming mountain peaks lies some of the most beautiful scenery one could hope for. From the lush green trees to the breathtaking waterfalls, the abundance of wildlife to the cris…Read More